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Slackwater Farms has 800 acres of oak, green-ash and cypress bottom-land available for deer habitat. Slackwater began active herd management  in 2005.
Welcome to Slackwater Farms Hospitality...Comfort...Unforgettable... Louisiana Style means southern hospitality, great food and memorable hunts. Slackwater Farm builds on and continues the tradition that has made Louisiana a favourite hunting destination across the United States.    Sportsman Paradise truly comes alive as the slogan for the state here at Slackwater Farms.  Whether you are hunting, enjoying nature or viewing one of our great sunsets, you are assured memories that will last a lifetime.  Simply Unforgettable!!!         .....will describe your hunting adventure at Slackwater Farms. The Lodging.....                 The Hunting......                The Food................simply unforgettable.	 Thanks and best wishes, Allen Loe
Selected harvesting has allowed mature 200lb. deer with bucks in the 140 point class (Boone and Crockett) range. Hunters can select from tower-stands, ladder-stands or ground blinds. Habitat types offer shot ranges from close shotgun to long range modern rifle.
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Nothing stirs the soul like the first rays of sunlight cutting through darkness on a crisp cold morning. Natural bayous, dense willow-ponds, and open rice fields provide attractive habitat for most North American duck species. Dawn breaking over a sea of decoys with mallards, pintails and gadwalls circling above completes the anticipation for a great hunt. You know you are at the bottom of the Mississippi flyaway in the heart of Louisiana duck country.
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